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What is Easy Buzzer?

Easy Buzzer is a new service that enhances building home entry systems. We facilitate things like: using more than one phone to answer your buzzer, using long distance phone numbers to buzz in visitors, and letting you update who can buzz in to your apartment at any time from your Easy Buzzer account page. We're focused on making your buzzer system great, and have many other useful improvements on our roadmap. Is there something cool you want to do with your buzzer? Tell us about it -!

Can I use Easy Buzzer with my Apartment?

Easy Buzzer works with all telephone enabled intercom systems in Canada and the United States. Most new buildings and upgraded older buildings use this type of intercom. If you're not sure, email and we can help you figure it out.

Are my Phones Supported?

Easy Buzzer supports using any touch-tone capable phones and devices to answer your buzzer system. This includes cell phones and landline phones. We also support phone numbers that are not local in your apartment's region.

How does it Work?

The Easy Buzzer Number is a special phone number that connects your apartment buzzer with Easy Buzzer. Your building manager, landlord or concierge will add the number into your apartment's intercom system. When a guest buzzes your residence, your phones will ring and the guest will be connected with anyone who answers. Then, you can buzz in the guest or hang up the phone to prevent access. In the event one of your phones goes to voicemail, Easy Buzzer will continue calling your other phones so that your guest can still reach one of your housemates.

What is the Easy Buzzer Number?

It's a new, local phone number we register for you when you sign up that links your buzzer to your Easy Buzzer account. Use it as your apartment buzzer's contact number by giving it to your building manager, concierge or landlord.

What do I Press to Buzz Someone in to my Building?

Commonly, 9 or 6. This will depend on your particular building so it's best to ask your landlord, concierge or building manager if you're not sure. Or email and we can help you figure it out.

Do I Need to Install an App?

No! Easy Buzzer works through the telephone system without needing to install an app on your phone. As long as you are using a phone which supports touch-tone then you can use Easy Buzzer! However, we are in the process of creating native apps for Apple and Android devices which will make your buzzer even better. Want to know more? Email us at

What Shows on my Caller ID when Someone Buzzes my Apartment?

Your Easy Buzzer Number will show on your caller ID when your guest buzzes your apartment.

How do Access Codes Work?

Access codes let trusted guests access your building using the buzzer panel by entering a code. When your guests buzz your apartment they will be prompted for an access code and upon entering a valid code, will be granted access to your building. If the code is incorrect, the buzzer will dial your phone(s) as usual so you can decide whether or not to let the visitor inside.

Will Access Codes Work with My Buzzer Panel?

Most modern buzzer panels will support Easy Buzzer's access codes. However, we suggest you set up an access code and test it for yourself on the buzzer panel before giving them to your guests.